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Message from the Chairman:

Welcome to the Yingkou Dahe Hengheng website, all employees of Dahe Balance Industry Co., Ltd. welcome you!

"Enterprises are technology-based, technology is people-oriented" This is a profound experience of more than ten years of entrepreneurship. We have always adhered to the tenet of focusing on science and technology, understanding technology, respecting talents and understanding talents, making our company change with each passing day. As a technology enterprise, our founding purpose is: to provide a development stage for the employees; to create profit space for the business; to create quality products for consumers; to build a strong backing for the rejuvenation of science and education; to do a good job for national quality education.

Our company's current main products: intelligent electronic belt scale weighing system, weighing coal feeder system, quantitative batching scale system, spiral feeding weighing system, high-precision weighing weighing system, unattended truck scale system, Steel coil weighing system, coke oven coal tower truck weighing system, railway scale weighing system, steel (iron) water truck weighing system, mineral product output monitoring system, driving weighing system, wireless transmission weighing system, high temperature weighing Heavy system, explosion-proof weighing system, quantitative packing scale, buffer scale, big bag rotary table electronic scale, tundish electronic scale, slab electronic scale, roller road electronic scale, fixed electronic balance, trough level gauge, molten iron Position meter, crane safety protection device, etc.

The purpose of the company's employers is: "Take a morality, choose a position, and contribute to the salary." This means that between ability and morality, we value the character, which is the cornerstone of your company's foothold. We hope that everyone will demand high standards, focus on and focus on shaping the beautiful image of "Dahe Balance". Let us believe in the conviction, rely on scientific and technological progress, and benefit the public with high-quality products and perfect services.

Let us join hands and work together for a more brilliant tomorrow!