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Technical Parameters


Belt scale

Reduction scale

Spiral scale

Weighing accuracy


±0. 5%


Ingredient accuracy

±0. 5%



Ingredients range





The main function

Computer set ratio, automatic ingredients

Each single scale can independently complete batching control

The ratio can be controlled according to the total layer or raw material composition

PLC control, material tail alignment

Record abnormal conditions such as printing overload and material shortage

Multiple management functions and print forms and remote access to the Internet

Batching system that can make up to 31 scales



First, the system design idea

1. The automation system adopts the “three powers” ​​integrated design and open structure, which creates conditions for the expansion of the system in the future, leaving the interface capability of regional computer and plant management computer communication.

2. The system adopts programmable controller (PLC) as the basic level control station, the upper computer as the operation station, PLC controls the operation of the process equipment, detects the process parameters in the system and controls the operation of each device. Including logic control and data information collection and processing. The operation station mainly realizes the operator to monitor the production status of the site through the real-time dynamic dice surface on the CRT; the necessary intervention is carried out on the production process according to the actual situation of the site, and the man-machine dialogue is carried out. The upper computer handles production data and data communication, and the operation station is equipped with a complete CRT display and full keyboard programming and operation monitoring functions to complete programming, operation and monitoring of the system.

3. The whole system is mainly operated by fully automatic operation, but the design is fully equipped with various backup methods such as CRT manual to ensure normal production under various conditions.

4. The system collects more information as much as possible, providing more easy-to-understand, easy-to-read, easy-to-analyze, easy-to-operate screens, creating conditions for effective process operation control, and AC-adjusting control using frequency conversion technology. Industrial camera monitoring is set at important process points.


Second, the system part of the function

1. Batching control of the silo (batch system), material level detection display.

2, the measurement of the mixture, moisture detection display control.

3, mixed with the belt conveyor, manual / automatic start and stop of the mixer and chain control.

4. The material level detection display of the mixing trough.

5. The frequency conversion speed control of the distributor controls the CRT setting and speed display.

6. The frequency conversion speed control of the trolley controls the CRT setting and speed display.

7. CRT setting and speed display with variable frequency speed control with cold machine.

8, the main plant system equipment (distributor, trolley, broken hot screen, with cold machine, cold screen, finished belt conveyor, cooling fan, etc.) automatic start and stop and chain control.

9. The temperature of the preheating furnace, the pressure detection display and the combustion gas, the CRT adjustment display of the pressure flow of the combustion combustion air.

10. The temperature detection display of the igniter and the combustion gas, the adjustment of the pressure flow of the combustion combustion air, the low pressure alarm of the gas, and the rapid cut-off control.

11. The negative pressure detection display of each bellows and the adjustment of the main bellows negative pressure.

12, large flue temperature negative pressure test display.

13, cold air, cooling water pressure detection display.

14. Measurement of finished sinter, display of material level.

15, exhaust gas temperature, pressure detection display and so on.

Designed for the corresponding automation system design, manufacturing, supply


4. Part of the sintering automation computer screen completed in recent years:




Real-time reflection of the contents of each scale

Immediate response of equipment operating status

Various Chinese functions

Zoom in to show the operating parameters of a single scale

Movable ingredient fluctuation curve window

Viewing and modifying the parameters and status of a single scale

Enter the relevant ingredients, the range of the ratio, and the price to find the optimal ratio according to the lowest cost.

1 month cumulative report storage, printing

Super shortage status, time record printing

Proportion modification, display printing

Complete set of instructions, installation instructions, troubleshooting, routine maintenance, etc.

Batching system use Daquan

Set the peeling and calibration process

Automatic correction of calibration results

Full Chinese automatic prompt operation steps