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2019-04-12 09:18:00
The big balance in my mind
Time flies, the battle moves to the stars, and in a blink of an eye, I have entered Dahe for a few months. I have a lot of words to tell you, thank you for the "Dahe Balanced Heaven and Earth" newspaper, give me this opportunity, and thank it for building up for our employees. A platform to listen to the voices of our employees.
2019-04-12 09:17:00
The role and content of the enterprise magazine
With the development of the economy and the progress of the society, the scale and system of our Dahe Balanced Industry Co., Ltd. has also grown and improved. At present, most companies are paying more and more attention to the status and role of corporate culture in the development of enterprises,
2019-04-12 09:17:00
"With love" - Dahe balances and presents love
On March 8, 2010, the company's leaders brought the employees into the Dashiqiao Welfare Institute. When we look at the pure eyes, our souls will tremble!
2019-04-12 09:17:00
Start-up - Interview with the company's "China International Weighing Apparatus Exhibition" exhibitors
On the 22nd of this month, the “2010 China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition” was successfully held at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center.
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