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Start-up - Interview with the company's "China International Weighing Apparatus Exhibition" exhibitors

2019/04/12 09:17
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On the 22nd of this month, the “2010 China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition” was successfully held at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

On the 22nd of this month, the “2010 China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition” was successfully held at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center. After nearly three months of preparation, the company was formed by the leaders. The team consisted of R&D, business, machinery and planning personnel. The team successfully completed the three-day exhibition and returned to the company.

China International Weighing Apparatus Exhibition is an exhibition sponsored by the National Weighing Apparatus Association and approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is the largest scale, the most influential and the highest standard weighing instrument in China. The China International Weighing Apparatus Exhibition attracted nearly 200 weighing instrument manufacturers from all over the country to participate in the exhibition, including all well-known domestic enterprises. Nearly 20,000 people visited the exhibition. A large number of the audience were foreign and domestic counterparts with professional knowledge, which made the exhibition truly become a “zero distance” contact customer, expanding the raw material supply chain and grasping the international and domestic industry trends. Large platform. The company's nearly 1,000 corporate samples and product color pages were quickly distributed, and various exhibitors allowed the audience to stop for a long time to visit and listen carefully to the explanations of our staff. The small belt conveyors brought by the company are high in technical content and exquisite and compact. The function is perfect, which has aroused the strong interest of well-known companies in the industry. At the exhibition, I deepened my understanding with many old customers and strengthened their confidence in Dahe's corporate brand. Many customers from all over the country expressed their intention to cooperate with the company. Many viewers have had a deep exchange with our technicians to discuss the technical challenges and the future of the weighing industry.

When talking about the shortcomings of the exhibition, many exhibitors said that it is not an era of quality alone. In the future, the company's products should be more sensitive to the visual impact of users. The choice of shape should be beautiful and decent. The design of the display part should be generous and bright, so that people can have a bright feeling at first glance. The overall design of the program should be smooth and smooth, and the menu design should be simple and clear, easy to understand. At the same time, it is really a promising road to focus on the control of production costs, improve instrument performance, and reduce manufacturing costs.

Through this exhibition, Yamato Balance has transmitted a positive signal to the international and domestic industry, demonstrating the determination of Dahe Hengheng Enterprise with rigorous scientific concept and establishing a high-tech content system brand to continuously enhance the company's image. Join hands with domestic and foreign weighing weighing systems in the same industry and demand merchants to jointly develop a leading international and domestic high-tech weighing equipment market.

The road ahead is still very long, but we have set sail. No matter how much difficulty we encountered, we brought each other together and everyone paddled the ball, letting Yamato check and balance the big ship, making it faster and more stable.

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